Yvonne - Kudzu Art Colors by Zombie President

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The artwork samples shown here are colored by ZP ("Zombie President") and is done usually in Photoshop, though at times Adobe Illustrator functions are used. Artwork by Erik Weems, Kudzu (of Kudzu Poster), Alonso Petreski, Robert Scott Carey, and others.

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Marvel Infinity Gauntlet




Sessue-Hayakawa art by Erik Weems

Goliath [Maciste]


Art by Kudzu

The Falcon

FALCON POSTER image colors by Zombie President

Art by Erik Weems

The Hidious Sun Demon

The Hidious Sun Demon - art by Kudzu

Art by KUDZUPOST and colors by Zombie President

American COmic BOok COlored Artwork by McCave

Art by McCave - Colors by ZP

Colored art often appears at comicbookbrain.com
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